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Manoj Madhavan
Resurgence in the broadcast and entertainment sector
There is resurgence in the broadcast market in India as is evident from the financial reports of some of the leading television channels like Zee TV, Aaj Tak, and Sun TV who have recorded impressive profits in the Q4. read more..

New Delhi Matters

Rupin Dang
Production workflows come full cycle
Here’s a measure of just how antique some of us are! The other day, I desperately needed some old footage from Kedarnath and Badrinath for a film that was looking at the old days and lamenting at this year’s tragedy.
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Broadcast Product Finder

Studio Systems showcases a range of latest products and an update of video, broadcasting and audio equipment in the Indian market. read more..


Dreamcasters is a regular column which profiles the top management professionals in the television and the broadcast industry. read more..

Clickin the mouse

Created by Graphiti Multimedia
Graphiti Multimedia has been a dominant player in the Indian animation industry since 1995. It has won the Seagate Award for Excellence in Digital Technology for Film and Television in the category of 3D animation for five consecutive years.
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Diversified Coomunications